About Us

The Sateen Art website is subordinated of the “Jarefa Honar Sateen Kish” Institute, which its content is published as an art magazine. The head office of the “Jarefa Honar Sateen Kish”  Institute is located on the Kish Island and it works on art in both executive and theoretical parts.

Employees of the Institute believe that effective work in the field of art will be performed only with substantial theoretical backgrounds; so if we do not perceive the art, finding the accurate way will not be possible. Therefore, the Institute has taken responsibility for its orientation on the Sateen Art website. Sateen Art intends to survey, critique and introduce the visual arts in West Asia. In this project, Sateen Art will work on the production of authored content in collaboration with artists and experts in the art field of West Asia. In spite of cultural affinities, West Asian countries are less likely to share their artistic experiences. As a result, not only are they not aware of each other's historical art data, but they are also unaware of the art of other West Asian countries.

Could a website help to artistic communication between West Asian countries that lead to something novel in the art? The institute's employees believe that if there is a proper connection between these countries about art, it will have the chance to create a new birth in art. In this regard, in addition to benefiting from the cooperation of Iranian art professors, it intends to develop and expand the information circulation among Western Asian artists through the Sateen Art website. We hope that in this context, in addition to taking advantage of the synergy, in order to recognize our place in art, we should focus on the cognition of the interior rather than simply translating others' views of West Asian art.

Sateen Art's content is published in three languages: Persian, English and Arabic in order to easy accessing. Accordingly, the “Jarefa Honar Sateen Kish” Institute will also provide a suitable venue for joint art events between the West Asian countries.

Founder of “Jarefa Honar Sateen Kish” Institute: Mohadeseh Vahidimehr

Editor of Sateen Art website: Dr. Hassan Khoobdel

Annual Secretar: Dr. Hadi Azari