How to Send Works

Please read the contents of the annual recall carefully first. It is necessary to fully comply with the provisions of the call.

The registration guide video is above the text.

Important Notes: When you become a member of the site, your email will be your username.

CV: A PDF file containing the personal details and professional background of the participant.

 Statement: It is a PDF file in which the specifications of the work such as the date of production of the work, dimensions, technique, and material should be packed. Also, the explanation that the artist provides in order to understand the work properly follows the statement.

After registering the information of each work of art and uploading the images of that work, you must click the "Add" button. If you have another work to submit, re-upload the statement and related image for the new work and click "Add". This process can be done up to three times. If you do not have another artwork, click the "Submit" button.

The submitted images can be seen in your profile and in the “favorite Recalls” section.

Multi-media Art items

To send a video, it is necessary to fill in all the sections on the site and upload a video cover image in the image upload section. To submit videos related to new arts, send the videos to . In the statement that is uploaded on the site, it is recommended to mention the email address with which the relevant file will be sent. In the sent email, it is necessary to attach the CV file and the statement file, as well as personal information and contact number.

In case of  possible questions, you can send a message on WhatsApp to +08-9128307123.