Novice Attitudes, New Expressions

Announcement No. 1

The art world had fundamental and dramatic revolutions in recent decades. On the one hand, there are no stricter rules and principles, and on the other hand, with the increasing the importance of role and idea, it seems that the aesthetic dimension has played just a plain role in at least some of the art works. To these cases, the phenomenon called mixed-media art in the art world must be added. In other words, the border between media and art disciplines has blurred more than ever, and this has created new options for art.

Art lovers and artists are also divided into two groups in the face of these developments; some are skeptical of it and have believed that is the end of art, while others see it as an opportunity. In any case, these festivals in art has made it more and more creative and innovative. Undoubtedly, we should consider these changes and we must respond to them intelligently. Hence, the Second Annual Sateen Visual Arts publishes its recall with emphasis on "new attitudes, new expression" which means creative and innovative encounters at the two levels of "the way of using the media" and "considering the issues" in the field of visual arts.

The second annual Sateen Visual Arts Festival is held in five disciplines: photography, sculpture, print making, painting, and new media (multimedia). All artists who feel this kind of innovative and creative approach to the media and the subject are invited to submit their art works to the festival.

The second annual Sateen Visual Arts festival, like the first annual festival, is held online in the first step, and then, if the limitations related to the pandemic are reduced, the selected art works will be displayed in the exhibition.

The festival is held in the fields of photography, sculpture, print making, painting and new media (including three media: video art, performance art and layout, as well as multimedia works), and the artists who are interested can submit their works according to the terms and conditions of the festival.

It should be explaining that in the second annual exhibition section, in addition to exhibit the works of Iranian artists, a pavilion will be dedicated to the works of artists from another country, which has been made possible with the cooperation of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).


Annual Objectives:

Identify young talents in the field of visual arts.

Creating motivation among artists, especially young artists, in the context of the crisis caused by the pandemic.

Strengthening the conflicts with contemporary revolutions in the art world.

Creating a situation for more interaction between West Asian artists.



The second annual Sateen Visual Arts is not subject-oriented, and the principle in the selection of works is the level of creativity and innovation the media, the subject and the nature of art issues.


The Election Process:

The art-works are judged in two steps. In the first step, in order to submit the selected art-works to the festival, the selection will be based on the photos of the art-works. In the second step, the judging for the selection of the winners of the festival will be performed based on considering of the original art-works.

Owners of the submitted art-works are obliged to send the original works to the secretariat of the festival within the specified time period. Not submitting the original art work will result in cancellation of participation in the festival.


General Conditions:

All artists are allowed to participate in the festival and participating means the acceptance of the rules and regulations of the jury committee.

The technique and method of presenting the work is unattached.

Registering and submitting the photos should be performed through the institute's website at

Interested parties can refer to the website of the relevant institute and social networks for more information.

Decisions about the unforeseen issues are the responsibility of the festival secretary.

The names of the jury committee for the five sections will be announced in future announcements.


Terms and Conditions:

Entries must not have been exhibited at other festivals and festivals.

In all sections except photography, each person can send up to 3 art-works to the festival. In the photography section, each person can participate in the festival with 2 sets (between 5 and 10 photos).

In all fields except the new art media, the photo file of the works must be sent in JPG format with Dpi 72 resolution. The size of each file sent must be at least 2 MB and at most 4 MB.

In the field of sculpture, 5 photos must be sent for each art-work. (Photographs should be illuminated according to the artist's intended lighting during the show)

Since an exhibition of selected works will be held after the pandemic, the following dimensions must be observed:

In the fields of painting and photography, the maximum size of the works is 100 x 100 cm.

The space available in the exhibition for volumetric works, performance, and installation art is a maximum of 300 x 300 x 300 cm.

In the field of photography, the total size of the desired works should not exceed the declared level.

The artist is responsible for sending the art-works to the secretariat and receiving it after the exhibition.

The secretariat of the Festival reserves the right to use art-works in the media, cultural advertisements, and exhibit in the country or abroad by mentioning the artist's name.

The festival secretariat is not responsible for any damage caused by unsolicited submissions.

Submitting the art-work means accepting the terms of the recall.

Visit for more information.



The second annual Sateen Visual Arts will be held on a non-competitive basis and the judging panel will nominate two artists in each category as recipients of the Sateen Support Scholarship. These winners will receive an amount equivalent to Two thousand Dollars in the form of a support scholarship.

If the restrictions imposed by the pandemic are eased, selected artists will have the chance to exhibit their art work in Tehran and Kish, as well as in one of the countries in the West Asia.

All artists who summited their works for the exhibition will be awarded a certificate of participation and a festival book.

The submitted works of the artists will be displayed on the institute's website.


Annual Staffs:

Secretary: Hadi Azari Azghandi

Director: Mohadeseh Vahidi Mehr

Chief communications officer: Nayereh Khademi


Festival Calendar:

Publication of the recall and start of registration: 10 May, 2021

Deadline for submission of art-works: 6 August, 2021

The first step of judging: 16 August, 2021

Announcement of the names of the qualifiers of the exhibition: 21 August, 2021

Deadline for submitting original art-works: 16 September, 2021

Announcement of the names of the winners of the exhibition: 21 September, 2021

The beginning of the online exhibition on the website of the institute: 2 October, 2021

Exhibition date: November, 2021

Closing and announcement of the winners: December 2021


Contact Info:

Contact number of the annual secretariat: (+98) 9128307123/ (+98) 2144927619

WhatsApp: (+98)9128307123

Instagram: @Satten_festival